Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy birthday, Sam!!!

Dear Sam:

How did 4 years pass so quickly? You have grown into such a smart, funny, compassionate, loving kid. It's so strange for me to think of you as a're not my baby anymore, not a little boy anymore. As you're so fond of telling me, "I'm just a kid!" And you are...a big kid, suddenly.
You are so much fun to be around. You try so hard to make everyone laugh and have a good time. You always want everyone to be happy. You're my constant companion, your dad's shadow, and your big sister's protector. She wouldn't dream of climbing the big staircase to upstairs without you by her side.
You're the most thoughtful kid, too. Today while we were shopping at Target (Dad was at work, Alex at school) you were asking me questions about your family birthday party we were having tonight...
You: Will everyone be there?
Me: Well, all of the family that can make it will be.
You: Will Alex be there, too?
Me: Of course.
You: Will I get presents?
Me: I bet everyone will bring you presents.
You: What about Alex?
Me: Yes, Alex has a present for you, too.
You: No! Will Alex get any presents?
Me: No, it's your birthday. The presents will be for you.
You: Well, can I buy Alex a present then? She really likes presents, too.
Me: But it isn't her birthday. It's yours.
You: I know. But I really want to give her a present. Please???
So you picked out a Littlest Pet Shop toy that you knew Alex wanted and put it in the cart. How could I say no to such a sweet gesture? Alex was thrilled and promised to return the favor on her birthday.
I think that story pretty much sums up who you are, Sam. You're loving and thoughtful and generous. It makes me so proud to watch you grow into such a terrific kid. I love you. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday,
Much love,


Pearson said...

You really are the sweetest little man I know. Happy birthday buddy!

D&D's Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Sam! You look so grown up in these pictures. I can't believe you were that newborn in the carrier when I first met your mom at Cracker Barrel. :)

Chaffy said...

Sam, I think you may have started a new tradition in your household. How very sweet of you to want Alex to have a gift on your birthday. :) You look like such a little man now that you are the big O-4!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

what a sweet, handsome boy!


amylou said...

Happy Birthday, Sam! From your old pal Hunter...can't bel. they're four...time has flown. Love the pictures!

-Amy and Hunter from PH